Boost Spelling Skills 2

The Boost Spelling Skills series provides strategies to improve primary school pupils’ spelling skills, making them more confident readers and writers. See the series.


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Boost Spelling Skills 2 contains strategies, tips and practice activities to help lower KS2 pupils develop and improve word pattern recognition. It is closely aligned to the statutory requirements and spelling word lists in the National Curriculum in England for Years 3 and 4.

Teaching children to spell is essential if we want them to become confident writers. Good spellers can write more fluently, as they don’t have to pause to consider how each word should be spelt. Furthermore, children with good spelling skills are more likely to make adventurous vocabulary choices and be better at reading.

The book focuses on encouraging children to investigate prefixes, root words and suffixes which are the building blocks of words. For each letter pattern, the book contains teacher tips, word lists, reading activities and worksheets, providing ample opportunities for pupils to learn, practise and reinforce their spelling. Targeted dictation exercises provide opportunities for consolidation and assessment.

Tried and tested strategies, such as breaking down words by syllables, looking for words within words and memory joggers, will help pupils to tackle unknown words and develop good spelling skills.

The flexible worksheets can be used both with groups of children or individual pupils and are particularly beneficial for providing reinforcement for lower Key Stage 2 or those children who are struggling with spelling.

See the series

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