Games for Teaching Primary French

Games for Teaching Primary French by Danièle Bourdais and Sue Finnie is a practical toolkit containing a wide variety of fun and engaging games for all abilities, from complete beginners to more competent learners. It includes a wide range of games, from 5-minute starters or plenaries to longer, more challenging games where learners can make substantial progress. It has been devised specifically for busy teachers with limited resources, budget and planning time, who want simple and effective ideas to use in the classroom.



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The games in this book cover all core aspects of the primary French curriculum and are organised into the key skills areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing, with additional parts on grammar, number games and sounds. These games allow learners to absorb and explore language in a variety of mediums, building up skills, knowledge and confidence in the process.

The book is packed with techniques and games to support existing schemes of work and offers plenty of inspiration and ideas for teaching primary French. The straightforward, reliable, no-tech suggestions are based on sound pedagogy and years of classroom experience and will help deliver great learning outcomes lesson after lesson.

Teaching modern foreign languages can be challenging, and can be a daunting prospect for teachers who are not language experts themselves. Games for Teaching Primary French is designed to support teachers with easy to follow, ready to use ideas. These flexible games can be adapted to suit any topic and any ability level. For more experienced French teachers, there are plenty of new, imaginative and fun ideas to refresh your practice.

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Play this ball game to develop listening and speaking skills


Play this energetic team game to enhance listening skills and vocabulary


In this game, the participants listen for particular words and run to the correct picture


In this game, children need to listen and then guide a puppet to the correct answers


Table showing which aspects of the Scottish ‘Curriculum for Excellence: Modern Languages – Experience and Outcomes’ are covered by Games for Teaching Primary French


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