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What is the single most effective way of teaching times tables?

Efficiency in relation to learning the times tables is not a topic that is often discussed. And yet as with all education, some ways of learning times tables are a lot more efficient than others.

Of course, with learning, efficiency means not only learning quickly but also means ensuring that the learning remains in the children’s brains for future reference. And for this to happen three factors need to be in place.

Most particularly, the lessons themselves have to be something that is exciting and stimulating for the children, so that they will want to go home and tell their parents about it – and thus engage their parent’s interest and involvement.

Second, the approach needs to be something that can be used all the way through the series of activities, so that the children see a pattern in what they are learning.

Third, the result has to be meaningful learning – which is to say, learning that can be applied in future situations.

Just about the most effective and efficient way of reaching these aims in learning times tables is to engage in games. However, for this one needs games that can work with different times tables (so you can start with 2, 5 and 10, and then move on to other tables).

Also, one needs games that test the children’s ability to use the tables, and games that enable them to understand each table and be able to recall it quickly. And this is, in essence, the approach within Fun Games and Activities for Teaching Times Tables.

You can read more about this unique book on our website as well as try four of the games. You can also see the full contents and read about the approach behind this resource.

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