To MTC or not to MTC?

This year, that IS the question as schools are given the option whether to administer the multiplication tables check (MTC) or not.

Whatever your school’s decision, you know how important a pupil’s understanding of times tables is for future success in maths.

Even if pupils are spared the test in June this year, they still need to learn times tables.

Why not help them fathom the complexities of multiplication with the help of superheroes such as Mighty Supersonic Sinitta (the 2x table champion), Mighty Time Traveller Tracey (the 8x table champion) or Mighty All Action Alan (the 12x table champion)?

These superheroes, and more of their friends, appear in our Mighty Fun Activities for Practising Times Tables series of books which cover all the tables from 2 to 12. The superhero theme running through the books will help to instil in pupils a positive attitude towards learning and motivate them to learn and practise their times tables.

Your young mathematicians will have to be careful though as Super Villain Dennis the Demon Digit Demolisher and his pet, Lorraine the Loathsome Dragon, have an evil plan to make a world without numbers!

There are activities from each book in the series to download and try out on our website. There is also more information about the times tables covered in each book.

Here is what one customer had to say about the series:

“I purchased this set of books at the start of the Covid-19 school closures. Wow! What a fun set of books. I’ve never seen my son actually enjoy times tables but this ticked the box! Would buy again!” 05/08/2020

Once you and your pupils have discovered the power of the times table champion superheroes by completing the free activity sheets, we hope you will come back and buy the books.

They are available as printed versions, or why not purchase the ebook pdfs which are cheaper and available 24/7 with no delivery charge?! You can find the series here: Mighty Fun Activities for Practising Times Tables set – Covering the tables from 2 to 12

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