The play is the thing

Play is central to children’s learning, which is why performing short plays in French can give a major boost to the pupils and the school.

The simple fact is that most children enjoy imagining what might be, and then acting out such situations.  Which is why working on a simple play in French is something that really can stimulate children’s progress in studying the language.

Indeed, the performance of a play in French in front of parents is something that not only excites the children but also promotes the fact that the school is being progressive and adventurous in its teaching of the language. 

Thus, while the children are making progress in French, the school’s image is being given a considerable uplift at the same time.

These issues come alongside the more obvious point that not only does learning one’s lines in French help the children develop their linguistic skills, it also encourages their own interest in the language, as well as their self-confidence in speaking the language.

Meanwhile working on the play ensures that the learning of the language moves from being just another classroom lesson, into something far more exciting for the children, and something that will intrigue and interest their parents.

The volume 12 Petites Pièces à Jouer contains, as the title suggests, a dozen short French plays for pupils to listen to and then act out.

The plays are arranged in order of difficulty and come complete with an audio version of the script so that children can gain in confidence in terms of their pronunciation, working either in small groups or with the whole class.

All the play scripts may be copied as often as is needed in the school for the production of the play.  Additionally, there is a CD included, with the plays acted out by native speakers.

This is, in effect, probably the most motivational technique for teaching French in the primary school, as it engages not just the pupils but also colleagues in the school, the parents and the wider community.  Thus, learning the plays not only enhances the ability of the children to speak French, but also lifts the profile of the school within the community.

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