How do you spell Tuesday?

Ok, so I’ve given the answer away. But my strategy for this spelling is to think of the word as Tu-es-day and has been since I was a child. What is your strategy?

Beyond everything else, children who develop a range of strategies to help them with spelling, are the children who more readily learn to spell and read words that are unfamiliar. 

As a result of this we find children become more confident in both reading and writing.

But, as we all know, not all children are the same in their way of learning.

This is why Boost Spelling Skills uses techniques from memory joggers to rhyming patterns to appeal to different learning styles. The activities deliver the Letters and Sounds Guidelines for Phases 2–6 through a multi-sensory approach.

Look at this memory jogger for learning the spelling of Tuesday. I have a feeling this will quickly be a ‘sticky’ memory for your children. All you will have to do in future is mention sweets to get a perfect spelling!

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