What makes success?

What are the key factors that make children successful at KS2 SATs, and what can we do about it?

Given that almost everyone would like to be successful in each aspect of their life, it is interesting that “how to be successful” is not one of the key subjects taught in school.

And yet we know the attributes that tend to make success; attributes such as knowledge, a positive attitude, determination to succeed, patience, the ability to communicate, the willingness to learn, self-reliance, creativity, resilience…

Of course, that list can make the notion of making children more successful in their SATs seem extremely difficult.

Worse, there is no doubt that at the heart of all this there is one other attribute which is not mentioned above, but yet which evolves from each of those topics as part of the key to success.  And that is confidence.

For if the children experience the types of questions that are posed in KS2 SATS, and thus gain the confidence that they can handle them, that in itself generates many of those other attributes that lead to success.

This is why we have published, “Brilliant Activities for Reading Comprehension 3rd edition, Year 3 and Year 4”.  For these two books ensure that children build the foundations needed to succeed at KS2 SATS by giving children the experience of answering the different types of questions that they will experience within the SATs through engaging texts that make children want to read.

In turn, this helps them develop their comprehension skills in a systematic way during which they practise the retrieval and recording of information and develop their ability to answer inference, prediction and sequencing questions.   

As a result of this easy-to-use approach, confidence increases and vocabularies develop via class and small group discussion, combined with additional writing and creative activities which provide differentiation and challenge for higher achievers.

There is more information on “Brilliant Activities for Reading Comprehension” on our website for Year 3 and for Year 4.

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