Free PowerPoint of Olympic Sports in French

What is the most effective way of linking primary school French to the real world?

In just four months the Summer Olympics will open in Paris. And with the inevitable wall-to-wall media coverage that the event will generate, this will be one of those ideal moments in which current events can be linked with the study of French.

Indeed, the Olympics can fit easily into a variety of schemes of work as it will be a perfect way to promote French speaking, listening, reading and writing, without the need for special preparation, following the publication of “Teach French through the Paris Olympics 2024”.

To help in this regard we have also produced a free PowerPoint presentation to accompany this book, which will aid the introduction of the Olympic sports to your class and enable the vocabulary for the 32 Olympic sports to be taught through a range of activities and games. You can download a copy on our website. Use the link at the end to get there.

We have also developed flashcards, word searches, and word games along with sentence-building activities, reading passages and surveys to help promote speaking, listening, reading and writing in relation to the Games.

This approach will bring ‘les Jeux Olympiques’ to life and allow the children to show off to their parents their knowledge of French, during the TV programmes and news summaries of the Games.

Indeed, even a few handpicked phrases utilised in appropriate sentences in relation to specific events, can allow parents (even with minimal knowledge of French) to appreciate the progress their children are making in the subject.

In short, the 2024 Olympics will be an opportunity to promote French speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as a way of showing parents once again the relationship between the work their children are undertaking and the wider world around them.

Look under the ‘Description’ tab on the book page for the free PowerPoint link.

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