Of course you can paint!

What is the most effective skills-based approach to teaching painting in primary school?

There’s no doubt that teaching painting can be quite a challenging concept if one is not a painter oneself, and has not studied visual art for quite a few years. 

Which is why it can be incredibly helpful to be able to work with a clearly structured approach for teaching the development of painting skills at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. 

For there is also no doubt that with the right approach one can raise the standard of art produced by all children dramatically, and through this not only develop the children’s artistic skills but also enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence.  

What’s more, the success they have with painting, will then also have an effect on the way the children approach other skill-based work within the curriculum.   

However, if you or any your colleagues are not active in the creative arts, the process can be a challenge.  Which is why the “Painting is a Class Act” series has been produced. For through this approach non-specialist teachers can help the pupils produce ever more interesting creative work, which relates to their own ideas and experiences. 

In this way they will be able to think critically about their own work and thus develop an understanding of the language of art. At the same time, they will also learn how to evaluate their own work and develop and improve what they do. 

Overall, within this approach, children can also be introduced to understanding the historical and cultural development of some art forms through reference to famous artists and their work – and enhance their own artistic abilities at the same time. 

There are three books in the “Painting is a Class Act” series, each available as an e-book or as a printed volume. You can read more about the “Painting is a Class Act” series and download some ‘Try before you buy’ pages on our website through the links below: 

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