It’s a curious thing…

Why is it that certain methods are so much more effective as a way of teaching French than others?

Our ability to remember has evolved across the millennia from a time when, self-evidently, there was no formalised education of any type.  Children just picked things up from experience.  Put your hand in the fire and it hurts – that sort of thing.

And although as a species we evolve all the time, the way the memory functions is just the same now as it was in humans born 40,000 years ago.

Which of course means that the brain, and its ability to remember and use information, evolved in an environment somewhat unlike the contemporary classroom.

Nevertheless, we can adapt a lot of classroom learning in such a way that children’s brains, still working as they did millennia ago, find it much easier to process and remember the information that is given.

As a result of this, we have the volume, “Unforgettable French.” 

It is a volume that utilises the simple fact that today, as 40,000 years ago, new information which links to what we already know, is much easier to remember than information that has no link to our past experiences.

Indeed, nowhere is this more apparent, than in learning a foreign language.  If a word or phrase in French, for example, can be shown to link to something we are already familiar with in English, then it is much more likely to be remembered.

This approach is often called using “memory tricks” – and indeed that is an accurate description, although the word “trick” can make it sound as if one is somehow cheating or not learning “properly”.

But in fact, “memory tricks” are what our brains use all the time to help relate new information to knowledge which we already have – and thus enhance the chances of retaining each new fact.

And so our volume “Unforgettable French” is subtitled, “Memory tricks to help you learn and remember French grammar and vocabulary”.  The trick is to use the brain in the way in which it has evolved – always linking new information to that which is already understood. You can see how this is achieved through examples from the book “Unforgettable French” on our website.  

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