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What is the one single factor which more than any other determines how one is perceived by others?

Consider a young person attending an interview for a job in which they have to express why they want the job.  How the individual expresses this view will also reveal their view of the world, and his/her place within it.

Unfortunately for many people setting out such a vision is an incredibly complex task, although, it must be said, for some people it appears to be quite easy.  So, it is worth asking, what makes some people able to organise information and present it in a meaningful and persuasive manner while others find that hard.

The fact is that these are people who can organise their thoughts in an appropriate manner through having mastered English grammar.  For with an understanding of grammar, one is always more able to express oneself in a manner which is indeed persuasive.  

And that is something that is incredibly valuable, virtually every day of our lives.

In fact, one of the reasons that grammar is so important is that the way we speak is related to the way we think, and therefore those who appreciate how grammar works tend to be perceived by others as clearer thinkers, able to focus and pay attention and able get the job done.  Just the sort of people that employers want!

In fact, such an attribute can be incredibly important when one is trying to talk or write about anything, from what makes oneself suitable for a job, to explaining why one acted as one did in response to a difficult situation.

The Getting to Grips with English Grammar series is a resource that sets children on the path toward the ability to express themselves in a persuasive and coherent manner throughout their lives.

It provides complete coverage of the grammar and punctuation Programmes of Study for the National Curriculum for England.  Through this resource, grammar becomes not just a set of arbitrary rules, but the key to understanding a way of expressing oneself in a clear and persuasive manner throughout the rest of one’s life.

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