Why use songs and actions to teach languages?

What is the single most effective way of teaching, learning and remembering phonics, vocabulary and phrases?

Fortunately the answer to all the permutations set out in that question above is always the same.  The single most effective way of teaching, and indeed the most rapid way of learning French, occurs when the phrases to be learned are offered to the accompaniment of music.

Indeed, the reason that music is so popular in all human societies is that music makes words much easier to remember.

In fact, very many adults who listen to popular music find that even though they have never settled down to learn the lyrics of the songs they like, they can in fact recall the lyrics of large numbers of such songs.

What’s more, the lyrics of songs which are learned become embedded so very deeply within the memory that most adults can still remember the lyrics of songs that they themselves sang as children. 

Which, of course, is why nursery rhymes pass on through the generations relatively unchanged.  For although many adults may say that they can’t remember the poems they learned in their school days, they find they can still recall the lyrics of the songs they sang.

Making use of this distinct element within the way we learn, “21 Fun Songs to Teach French Phonics” contains songs which each have a different French phonic focus, each guaranteed to embed French phonics, vocabulary and phrases into the memory.

And what is more, each song is accompanied by a video enhancing the learning process with the use of memorable actions to help recognise and embed the phonic sounds further.

Indeed, while you may find that pupils may not want to demonstrate at home any French they have learned at school, pupils will love to reveal their ability to sing and perform in French.

Better still, they will do so in the knowledge that they are also copying accurate French pronunciation for the lyrics of the songs they learn.

You can read more about “21 Fun Songs to Teach French Phonics”, see the list of the phonic focus for each song, and see video snippets on our website. The songs are so catchy you will be humming them for days.

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