I structure, therefore I can write

What is the one major issue from Year 6, that affects people all through their working lives?

It is not unknown for those of us working with Year 6 pupils to become frustrated by their use of repetitive and often unstructured sentences in their creative writing.

But it may come as something of a surprise to learn that many lecturers in higher education, and managers in businesses across the country also become frustrated by the inability of students and employees to write in a way that is understandable and actually interesting.

For as many working in higher education, business and commerce have now realised, those who can construct meaningful, varied and above all interesting sentences in written communication, are the ones whose work will be read.

They are in fact the people whose writing also becomes the most persuasive.

However, the trouble is that if one cannot write in a clear, persuasive and engaging manner then the chances of success in exams, and indeed in being promoted to more interesting and more varied jobs later in life, is diminished.

And the great sadness is that if one does not grasp this skill by Year 6, then it will probably never be understood, and doors will remain closed.

Which is why the volume “Daily Sentence Structures” is so vital.  It teaches sentence structure in a practical, straightforward way that will not only be of value to the children during the rest of their formal education, but later in life as well.  

Although the zoom meeting has become part of the norm in business and industry, and the phone is of course in daily use, the fact is that as a means of communication, the email remains all-pervasive. 

As for the secret of “Daily Sentence Structures,” that is easy to explain: it teaches a complex issue in a series of 15-minute daily sessions across just six weeks. 

Of course, those children fortunate enough to be given this groundwork in Year 6 (or earlier) will perhaps never fully appreciate how it is that they have managed to get ahead.  But some will look back to those 15 minutes a day sentence structure lessons and realise that is where it all started.

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