Proving this teaching method works…

All books that focus on teaching children how to improve their writing claim that they work.  But…

But the book “Daily Sentence Structures” is different.  And you can see just how different as on our website there are copies of the writing of Year 6 pupils before using the materials in the book, and then copies of their writing four weeks later.

The difference is extraordinary, and you can see further examples within the book itself.

Indeed, “Daily Sentence Structures” is a totally practical guide to the subject which really does lead to rapid and significant improvements in pupils’ writing.

And because the pupils themselves can see that the improvement in their writing is so rapid, they quickly become motivated and empowered to use ever more varied sentence structures, whatever their ability.

It is not only the children who see the improvement.  For if you choose to share the results of this work with parents, they too will be completely overwhelmed by the development in their children’s ability.

The whole programme of work is based on a series of 15-minute daily sessions which focus on producing interesting and imaginative writing, and which can be used with all ability ranges.

“Daily Sentence Structures” is available both as a printed book and as an e-book in pdf format.

Find out more information about “Daily Sentence Structures” as well as seeing examples of how the writing of children using this technique has improved in a matter of weeks here.

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