Time to play with the language

What is the most effective way of teaching parts of speech and punctuation? 

Imagine taking each individual element of the KS2 SPaG agenda and building a creative activity with which all the children in the class could become involved.  What would the result be?

One result would inevitably be that the children would find all the elements of the syllabus enjoyable.  Another would be that the amount of preparation time that you would have to engage in would be dramatically enhanced – it would take a lot of time to write!

Fortunately, a book which does this, does exist.  A book of 100+ activities based on the KS2 SPaG requirements, each with a structure and a focus of its own.  

Each of these activities is, in its own way, a creative exercise, and thus through each of these the children can explore and use the language in ever more meaningful and enjoyable ways.

As a result of this, children use and explore the language in a way that not only expands their own ability within English but also works in a manner that allows them to see just how much they can achieve with the language.

Through this approach grammar does not become something that the children focus on (something that brings with it the danger of slowing down their work).  Rather the grammar becomes second nature – something in the background as they explore their own creativity.

In short, the grammar is put into context, which has the benefit of helping the children see the purpose of the grammar, without in any way curtailing their natural creative energies.  The grammar and its usage become part of their approach to writing.

Better still, because the activities are all ready to use there is no time taken up with the preparation of these activities.  Everything within “Cracking English Grammar in Key Stage 2: 100+ Creative Games and Writing Activities” is set out in detail, and ready to use in the classroom. 

There is more information on “Cracking English Grammar in Key Stage 2: 100+ Creative Games and Writing Activities”, as well as extracts from the book, on our website.  

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