Resistance is dangerous

Children can readily become resistant to activities that they dislike.  So how can one overcome resistance?

Take multiplication tables.  Children who find it difficult to learn the times tables can easily become resistant to practising the tables, and that resistance will inevitably slow down learning.

Such resistance can get even worse if the children feel they are regularly dragged back to working on multiplication tables in the same way, again and again.

Which is why it can always be worth changing the way in which tables are learned and practiced.

One particularly successful approach has been to link the multiplication tables with a set of superheroes with whom the children can identify, taking the learners through different tables step by step, with the superhero guiding the learning all the way.

The superheroes motivate the children to practise all the skills needed to solve multiplication, division and word-based times tables problems.

The three volumes of Mighty Fun Activities for Practising Times Tables cover between them all the tables from 2 to 12, with reproducible sheets that the children can work on, so that only one copy of each volume is needed.

What’s more by working on individual sheets children who don’t take readily to such work won’t feel that they have an endless round of learning to do.  They can work with their favourite hero practising their skills without worrying about what comes next.

The three volumes in the Mighty Fun Activities for Practising Times Tables series are available as e-books or as printed books.  Book one covers the 2, 5 and 10 times tables, which means that those children who find the concept of manipulating numbers difficult have a chance to learn three tables and feel that they are making real progress.

You can find more details of the books and a range of sample pages on our website.

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