Who ever thinks of this?

If there is an adult native English speaker who thinks about sentence structure, I’ve never met that person.  But … 

As we know, by the end of their primary schooling pupils are expected to be able to write using varied sentence structures.

But if by any chance they mention “sentence structure” to their parents the chances are that those parents will struggle to know what the topic is all about.  We all use sentence structures every day, but how we come to form them is, for most people, a mystery.

Which leaves us with a problem.  How do we teach a mystery?

The solution to this conundrum is to show pupils that different sentence structures exist, and that knowing about them can be very useful when the children are asked to write a paragraph or two.

Better still, the teaching of sentence structures can now be broken down into a series of lessons each of which lasts approximately 15 minutes.  Because of the shortness of the lesson, there is then a direct link between learning the structure and using it.

In fact, the result is that the children immediately become successful at writing paragraphs in different ways.  Indeed, it is not unknown for the children to take the learning home and teach it to their parents!

But there is a further benefit here, because by working on sentence structures in a lively and interesting way for 15 minutes a day, the pupils will gain immediate positive feedback from their success.

What’s more, they will understand exactly what is required, and be pleased with their own progress.  Within six weeks most pupils’ writing is unrecognisable in relation to what they were creating before the “sentence structure” daily project began.

Plus, of course, every subject at school which requires written work will also benefit.  The opportunities for teacher praise are numerous, thus also raising the child’s positive feelings about her/his own work and about life at school.

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