GCSE English for less confident learners

What is the single most effective way of helping less confident learners through GCSE English?

It has been recognised for many years that the key to helping less confident learners become more proficient in English is by using a multi-sensory approach, through which the characters and the plot become much more real to the students.

Indeed, it is directly from this vision that the “Graphic Revision Guides to GCSE English Literature” have been produced.

These guides aim to give your lower ability learners the skills they need to improve their grades for GCSE English through two key processes.

One is to break down the knowledge that students need to learn into smaller units each of which is presented with both words and graphics.  This combination then allows for both the reading about, and the discussion of, the key issues relating to the plot and the characters.

Thus, through the multi-sensory approach of focussing on characters and plot, less confident learners become much more able to recognise and discuss both the events and the personalities within the story,

In this way both the people and the events in the book become much more real.

At the same time the students will gain a more comprehensive understanding of how plots work, as well as seeing the key characters as real people.  From this the reader becomes more able to differentiate the characteristics of one person from another within the story. 

Then with this knowledge in place the students are much more able to debate the key issues within each book.  What’s more, essay writing itself then also becomes much more manageable. 

You can see the content of the “Graphic Revision Guides for GCSE English Literature” and sample pages on our website.

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